This is a premium women’s fashion and accessories brand from the United States selling handmade totes, jewelry, sandals, and boho clothing. We onboarded them for a complete-funnel performance marketing back in the month of May 2022.

The initial challenge was to stabilize performance on META ads, increase advertising spend on Google ads, and improve revenue from customer retention from channels like email and SMS marketing.

While we stabilized customer acquisition at scale through META, we also made sure the brand was able to spend more than $25000 on Google Ads at 4x ROAS. This made sure the overall returns on advertising were optimized for profitability.

Using email marketing through Klaviyo and SMS marketing through Emotive, we ensured to get more than 30% of the monthly revenue from returning customers.

During the period from March to December 2022, we generated for them a total revenue of over 2.59 million dollars.

Service Provided

  • Performance Marketing and Retention Marketing (Google ads, FB ads, TikTok ads, Email Marketing, SMS Marketing)

Nature of Business & Products

An international store selling handmade bags, dresses, and women’s fashion accessories.

Problems before we took over

  • Only 10-15% of revenue came from retention marketing channels despite having a list of 50k subscribers
  • Faced difficulty in scaling budgets on Google ads due to a lack of feed optimizations and less testing on Shopping campaigns.
  • Complicated account structure in FB ads makes it difficult to scale and avoid budget spill, thus not being able to maintain overall target ROI

Our Solutions

1. Email Marketing:

  • We set up full-funnel email flows to follow a visitor throughout his journey i.e site visit, ATC, abandon checkout, post order
  • Added new segments and used high-converting copies and designs for email campaigns

2. Google Ads:

  • Consolidated Google ad campaigns structure
  • Optimized the product feed with optimized product titles, feed rules, etc.
  • Tested a lot of product and collections-based shopping campaigns to find the winning set of campaigns.
  • Improved creatives and text for better CTRs in the Smart Shopping campaign
  • Efficiently transitioned into Performance Max campaigns keeping the performance equally well.

3. Facebook Ads:

  • Consolidated account structure (18 campaigns brought down to 4) and applied a full-funnel strategy for effective spending of ad budget.
  • Continuous weekly creative testing with different ad formats, styles, etc
  • Improved the performance of retargeting with better audiences, campaign structure, and offers.

Results Generated

  • On Klaviyo, we improved the open rates by 38% and CTRs by 1.5-2x
  • Retention channels (Email & SMS) generated more than 20% of revenue M.O.M
  • We scaled Google Ads to spend from $400/mo to now $800/mo with a consistent ROAS of 4 and above. The Google Ads ROAS increased by 15% after we took over.
  • The revenue generated from Facebook Ads increased by 18%


Consolidated the acquisition efforts for efficient spending and drastically improved the revenue attributed to the retention-focused platforms.

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