The women’s apparel brand under focus was floundering in the face of dwindling repeat orders. The issues were stark and daunting:

  1. A disappointing repeat customer rate of less than 10%
  2. A paltry revenue contribution from retention platforms (below 20%)
  3. Unoptimized Email & SMS automation leading to untapped revenue
  4. Our goal was to revive the brand, catalyze repeat orders, and optimize revenue generation.

The Game Plan

Our comprehensive Retention Marketing plan embodied four key strategies:

  1. Implementing a holistic Email & SMS automation that resonated with customers throughout their buying journey.
  2. Redefining the brand’s personality through improved messaging and designs.
  3. Testing a variety of offers to stimulate multiple purchases.
  4. Enhancing conversions through precisely segmented campaigns, leading to more relevant offers.

Action Time

Execution was a complex task requiring a month of intensive research to identify brand-specific best practices.
  1. We amplified flows with open rates exceeding 50%.
  2. After updating optin form copies, submission rates surged by almost 30%.
  3. We meticulously optimized design and content for each flow, ensuring improved deliverability.
  1. A detailed campaign calendar was created to ensure timely, relevant communications.
  2. We prudently excluded hard and soft bounced email IDs, recent buyers, and individuals already included in email flows.
  3. Our choice of products, design elements, and well-researched copies derived from past email data.


The Transformation

Our plan didn’t just result in a revenue spike – it led to a sustained brand revival:
  1. A staggering 200% increase in the repeat customer rate
  2. A monthly revenue contribution from retention platforms boosted to 35-40%, peaking at nearly 50% during the best months

Insights and Conclusions

A comprehensive retention marketing strategy can turn around a business. Automation, while often overlooked, contributed 50-60% of our overall marketing performance. It’s crucial to optimize this silent revenue generator.
Results compound over time, generating consistent revenue from retention channels without active spending. Essentially, we maximized the value from each customer acquired, driving the brand’s resurgence.

Hear it from Rishab Dev

(Fractional CMO)
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